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Each year on the 17th day of August, I inevitably turn a year older. I’m not bitter about it because I’m graced with the opportunity to...

God is Just

Happy Selah Sunday! Let’s jump right in. Today’s Selah Sunday will come from the book of Habakkuk chapter 1 verse 5. “Look at the nations...

Let God Do It!

Happy Selah SUNDAYYYY! Ooo I am SO excited for this one I could hardly get my fingers tap the right keys! Alright, alright I’m just...


Welcome to the very first Selah Sunday post ever! I am so excited for these weekly posts. They’re going to be short and easily...

My 2020 Reflection

Happy New Year!! You made it! You may have a few scratches and bruises but you’re here nonetheless. You’re here for a reason. God ain’t...

I could NOT read the Bible

Early in my walk with Christ, something so simple turned me away from being as close to the Lord as I wanted to be. That was the fact...

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