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My 2020 Reflection

Happy New Year!!

You made it! You may have a few scratches and bruises but you’re here nonetheless. You’re here for a reason. God ain’t done with you yet! It’s time to continue chasing after your God given purpose.

Entering a brand new year, calls for some reflection.

2020 was an unforgettable year. I came into an understanding of many things about the world, relationships, myself and God.

One of the things that made 2020 unforgettable was the widespread panic. Panic influenced us to make irrational decisions like purchasing an absurd amount of toilet paper lol. A lot of us had no experience dealing with airborne viruses so we did what we thought would ensure our safety. In times of panic, we forget our cloud of witnesses. When I say that, I’m referring to looking to those that experienced situations similar or the same as ours as inspiration and motivation to get through what we’re going through. They also show us how to get through it. They may not have experienced a virus named “Corona” specifically but there were viruses and diseases much like Covid that those before us experienced and got through. Look at us, we got through it too.

Panic is an indicator of danger, so it’s good we have that feeling so we know that we need to be more aware of our surroundings. When I find that I'm in a state of panic or feel as though I'm in danger, I think it would be best for me to take time to reflect on the power of God and his ability to protect me. Focusing on your feelings will result in despair but focusing on the Lord will produce a hope that you can hold on to.

I got the chance to really see how tribulation brings people together. People showed genuine concern for one another.. That’s been a beautiful thing to witness. It’s interesting how it takes for something tragic or uncertain to happen before we operate the way God intended for us to on a normal day-to-day basis.

I learned that just because someone holds a specific “title” in my life, that doesn’t mean they’re going to meet all the expectations I have for them. However, I also learned that God will provide other relationships that have that "missing thing" plus more.

I learned that I’m very ambitious (and my husband thinks that’s “sexy”). With my ambition, I learned that I just want to move on things hastily and without much thought. I don’t think that’s entirely bad but it’s certainly exhausting because there’s so many things I want to do. Not only do I want to do many things, but I’ve learned that I want to master all those things in a short amount of time too. That mindset stemmed from watching so many “make 6 figures in (some crazy short period of time)” YouTube videos. That may be someone else’s reality but it doesn’t have to be mine. I learned that I need to be okay with moving at the pace God wants me to. I see now that I can’t get distracted by someone else’s achievements but to find contentment in mine. Perfection isn’t the goal, progression is.

God is beautiful. So beautiful. I wish I had a wider vocabulary to really capture just how marvelous I think God is. He continuously showed His beauty and might in the year 2020 and I’m honored to know and recognize Him.

Peace and Blessings Believer's

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