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Each year on the 17th day of August, I inevitably turn a year older.

I’m not bitter about it because I’m graced with the opportunity to glean

more wisdom, create more memories, and mentally write my own

personal book of, “life’s do’s and dont’s”.

Moreover, I am annually reminded that my time here on Earth is dwindling

away and that is out of my control.

This isn’t some cheesy reminder to, “cherish each moment”.

While that sentiment is precious and rings true, the purpose

of my words in this case is to serve as an urgent warning.

Time. Isn’t. Ours.

God has gifted us with just enough to fulfill the purpose He’s

created for us in our own personal, “book of life”.

Our time is to be used meticulously to serve our Heavenly Father who

controls the firmament and the Earth and also store up blessings

for our eternal home with Him.

We should love relentlessly and serve one another in obedience

to Him.

We should constantly check our hearts posture to ensure it’s alignment

with His.

Do not squander your mist of life on things that will cushion your earthly

existence but cause your eternal one to lack the gifts God so desperately

wants to adorn you in.

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